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Artistic Director | Dancer | Choreographer

Claudia de la Cruz, Flamenco Dancer, Choreographer and, Graphic Designer was born in Monterrey, Mexico with Andalusian blood originating from Jerez, Spain.

Claudia de la Cruz initiated her profession in the world of dance when she was only 5 years old which became the most important part of her life, developing a great passion and love for this art.

Claudia began studying dance with the most recognized maestros in Mexico. She continued her studies of flamenco in Madrid and in Seville Spain, and around the globe with talented world wide known flamenco dancers such as Belen Maya, Domingo Ortega, Andres Peña and Juana Amaya (just to name a few).

For the past few years Claudia has continued to trained with Marcos Flores, Ivan Vargas, Adrian Santaana, Alfonso Losa and La Lupi among others.

Recent projects

In (2013-2019) Claudia became a dancer in the LA Opera “Carmen” and “El Gato Montes” , conducted by Placido Domingo at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

She participated at the (2014-2015) “Flamenco Abierto” project directed by Emmy Award-winning Yaelisa at the Barclay Theatre, in Irvine, CA.

Claudia performed in honor of Francisco Goya (Spanish Romantic painter) during “Los Caprichos” display at Cal State Fullerton University (2008).

She has also participated at Festival Internacional Cervantino and in a variety of spectacles.

Attracted by her talent, personality and enigmatic presence the OC Life Magazine featured Claudia de la Cruz in their (2009) cover edition, becoming a flamenco inspiration throughout Orange County, CA.

She has danced and performed for long periods in Cafes cantantes, tablaos, theaters and museums while sharing the stage with internationally recognized artists.

About Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute and Dance Company

Voted by OC Weekly “Best Flamenco School and Dance Company in OC”

Claudia de la Cruz established her flamenco school in 1999 and founded her own Flamenco Dance Company “Tierra Flamenca” in 2003 which is a company of artists, strong, gypsy and elegant who perform Claudia’s choreography with passion and focus. Humanistic in the most profound sense, they explore their own intellectual, physical and artistic depths and reveal new possibilities in women’s partnering. Claudia de la Cruz has established herself as a gypsy poet of eclectic dance today…. Her work measures the movement of the heart, soul and passion.

Her most recently production was “La Batalla”- “The Battle”. Where Claudia de la Cruz presented an intense journey thru the conscience … this pilot project was inspired in the old tradition of Semana Santa en Sevilla and the real battle of life.

Tierrita Flamenca is another of Claudia de la Cruz’ project on an effort to preserve the passion of flamenco dance through youngsters and teenagers. Tierrita Flamenca is the petite version of her formal Adult Tierra Flamenca Dance Company founded in 2004 with 7 of her most talented students. Regardless of their age, the girls put all the heart needed to flamenco performance, as an after-class activity that has become part of their lifestyle.

Every week, Claudia de la Cruz teaches these little girls flamenco basis and dance structure helping them to serve as a roll model to the rest of the Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute enhancing their sensibility, self-esteem, confidence and discipline.

Claudia is a gem in the City of Santa Ana located in Orange County California and alternates her performing and teaching with profound spirit and enigmatic personality. Experience the most charismatic and warm heart at your first contact with her.

Mission Statement

We were created to be happy, our journey in this world needs to be full of joy. Thru dance I’ve found a way to help lives,  heal souls and enhance the purpose of life for people. In our school everyone is welcome!


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