Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute 

Thank you for enrolling with us, we hope you enjoyed the Flamenco class with the family of Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute. We spend a lot of time and years of experience to find ways to not only make Flamenco more exciting and fun, but to also give you as much information as we possibly can. To supplement the classes will spend with you some quality time that will include vocabulary, history, tips on technique, nutrition and more interesting topics.

It is important to realize that the stronger your flamenco passion and technique, the stronger you will be dancing the choreographies. Because of this, it is important to observe “flamenco etiquette”. Please take the time to read the dress requirements along with the list of FAQ. We plan to strictly observe this policy. It is very difficult for us to teach proper technique if we cannot see your bodies or if you don’t have the complete dance attire. We need to be sure you are correctly aligned. Incorrect alignment can lead to serious injury!

Do you know what is the origin of Flamenco?

Flamenco originated in southern Spain, born from a confluence of cultures under oppression. The resulting art form incorporates complex rhythms and musical harmonies from the Romany or Gypsy peoples, with Arabic, Byzantine and Hebraic influences between others.

Flamenco is an individualistic, yet structured folk art from Andaluci­a, which is often improvised and spontaneous. The song, dance and guitar are blended together by the passionate rhythms of southern Spain which is flamenco’s geographical birthplace.

Flamenco is a fun and exciting experience of rhythm, style, and movement admired for its power and passion. CDLX Flamenco Institute is an essential school that will introduce all aspects of flamenco dance in a very clear and understandable manner for all ages, children (3+) youth and adults.

What is the Class Content?

The classes are specially designed so our students can start dancing almost immediately.

Students in class further develop awareness of the techniques learned from the beginning level. While you are learning and exploring more you’ll be learning sophisticated patterns and palos (rhythms).

Each class will be an in-depth study of technique that includes posture, turns, footwork, and braceo (arm work), structure, and some choreography

Students will also learn to play Palillos (castanets). Dance with Fan and Manton (shawl)

In all level classes you’ll experience a friendly and fun atmosphere.

It is hard to learn Flamenco Dance?

Level and advancement are determined by our teaching staff based on development, comprehension of technique but more important the consistency of attendance of every student and discipline to practice themselfs.

What do I wear to class?

Flamenco skirts, dresses and accesories are available for purchase in our CDLX Flamenco Boutique. Dressing for success is very important for Flamenco class. Good grooming and proper attire are part of the self-discipline of baile flamenco training itself.

All girl students need to have their hair neatly pulled back and out of there face into a low bun or ponytail or pulled back and away from the face if your hair it is not long enough. Bangs and loose strands must be kept off the face with clips or pins. Boys with long hair pulled back same way.

GIRLS should wear solid dark color leotard (no flower or animal prints) or a long tight t-shirt (no spaguetti strips).

Black or skin color thights. (licra pants are welcome)

Black flamenco shoes for kids with elastic or straps. For adults any color is fine.

Flamenco skirt with solid color, polkadots or flowers, with of without ruffles.

BOYS should be dressed in black dance pants, t-shirts and flamenco boots.

ADULTS should wear a close fitting top and comfortable long skirt that do not restrict movement. Men should wear a comfortable shirt and comfortable pants. The most important article of flamenco-ware is your shoes. If you don’t already have Flamenco shoes we recommend you invest in a good pair of real flamenco shoes if you’re serios about pursuing Flamenco dance. If you are a beginner and just would like to try a few classes before investing in expensive flamenco gear wear sturdy shoes with chunky heels and covered toe/heel.

NO jewerly, face piercing, blue jeans, short t-shirts, hats, boots, street shoes, tennis or sandals, gum.

Beginner I students may take lessons with regular shoes for the first class.

Can I observe class before register?

School policy does NOT allowed people to observe class. The best way to know if you’ll enjoy class or you’ll able to do it, is to try it. Just like food, you have to taste it to know if you’ll like it!

If you try class, I can better make an evaluation in wich level and class will be better for you. Drop in class is for only $20 for children $25 for adults.

May I have a brochure or Schedule of classes?

The Schedule of Classes is always updated in our website

Can I take class if I’m 15 minutes late?

No, you can’t. It is important that each class begins and ends on time. Discruptions are not conductive to good training, but more important, this is for your own well-being.

For example:

Class starts at 5:00 pm sharp.

On time, arrive 10 min. before (for changing and to use restroom)

Late entrance at 5:00 pm

Tolerance 10 min. of warm-up

(If late moms or dads does warm-up along with their children)

Door closes at 5:10 pm

CDLX Flamenco Institute won’t tolerate tardiness

Make-up classes one week only

No exceptions

No refunds

NOTE: A dancer not properly warmed up during the beginning of class is more apt to suffer an injury later in class.

Am I too old to start?

Of course not, if you don’t have serious health problems, age is not an obstacle. Our motto is: Children from 3 to 99 years old are welcome!!!

I really want to dance, Do you offer any opportunities to exposure and have stage experience?

Sure! We do have 2 Flamenco Students Recitals yearly, but also we invite our students to participate in different activities and special events, cultural and artistic festivals, including theatre.

How can I be part of Claudia de la Cruz Dance Company, Tierra Flamenca Students Dance Company, or Tierrita Flamenca Children Dance Company?

First of all, you need to have at least 1 year studying flamenco dance in Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute, you should known the Sevillanas and be able to pick up choreography as well as trained in some major palos of flamenco. (for more details talk to Claudia de la Cruz)

Every year we open auditions for every Company and the information will be posted in our websites and

We are also often looking for apprentice dancers with solid basis in ballet, jazz or modern dance with an intermediate level of flamenco but not necessary. (for more details talk to Claudia de la Cruz)

What is the fee for the classes?

You will find it in the Navigation Links or click here: