9/16 “Aire de Verano” Student XIX Anual Recital

This coming Sunday! Get your tickets today and celebrate with us our 19th Anniversary!

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Come and meet our amazing talented guest artists!

Kai Narezo

Kai Narezo is a flamenco guitarist who has always had one foot planted in the Old World and the other in the New. His sound reflects a deep reverence for the roots and the soul of traditional flamenco, a love for the modern flamenco landscape, and an American sensibility rooted in jazz-fusion and contemporary production techniques. His first album, Vueltas, was released in 2006, and his latest album, Contra Tiempo, has its official release on November 6, 2015.

Johnny Sandoval

Johnny Sandoval, a native of Miami, Arizona, was introduced to music by his family who migrated to the USA from Almeria, Spain. Having a cousin who danced Flamenco with Charro and the Jose Greco family, and uncles who maintaind a Swing/Mambo/Rumba/ band, Sandoval began his career at a young age.Sandoval cherishes everyone he plays with and his opportunities to travel the world sharing talents with many wonderful artist and audiences.

Ana Quintero 

Ana Quintero comes from a family of musicians and has been singing all her life. She began studying flamenco in 1993, and has been performing professionally for over twenty years with many recognized flamenco dancers.